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Made in the U.S.A.
+2 Base Pad
*Check your local laws governing mag capacity

​Try one of our +2 Base Pads. This Base Pad is made from the same material as our other base pads but allows you to increase the magazine capacity by two rounds.
Easy on easy off
Fits both Sig & GSG mags
Add length to your magazine, making it faster and easier to insert into the gun.
½” long
Black only
This pad also works great with an extended mag well.
Made of 6061 Aluminum
Base pads and Magazine Parts

$6.95 each

​+4 Hi Cap Follower
*Check your local laws governing mag capacity

​•Add capacity to you stock mags.
CWA suggest using our Extra Power Magazine  spring to ensure proper feeding
This follower can be used in conjunction with the + 2  Base Pad but may not feed 100% in every gun.
Works well with our other standard Aluminum Base Pads 
Fits both Sig & GSG mags
  No factory pin !!  Loader Assist Button recommended 

                     MAGAZINE SPRINGS

 Try one of our new extra power magazine springs. 

These springs are designed to work with any of the new +4  followers giving those extra 4 rounds the added spring pressure they need to feed properly. This can be trimmed to replace factory spring in the 10 rd magazines
                           Fits all GSG/SIG magazines
$5.25 each
Loader Assist Button 

Tired of using your thumb nail to load your magazines? This tool makes loading and unloading your mags more pleasant. 

  • ​Use it to disassemble the mags
  • Works on either side of the mag
  • Also serves as a multi purpose tool
  • Use it to punch out the pins on the gun

Five Pack $25.00
$4.50 each
ON SALE $ 3.25/ea
Five Pack $20.00
ON SALE $ 16.25
$18.95 each
Factory 10 Round Magazine

$33.75 each
Anodized Aluminum Base Pads 
for your GSG/SIG 1911-22 mags
Replace your factory plastic base pad with one of our Anodized Aluminum Base Pads.These base pads are secured with an allen head screw and are guaranteed not to come off or break 

  • Easy on and easy off.
  • Add length to your magazine, making it faster and easier to insert into the gun.
  • Offered in two lengths. 
  • The long pads are 3/4” long
  • The short pads are 1/4” long
  • The long pads work great with EXo  extended mag well.
  • Made of 6061 Aluminum

I visited your web site today and noticed your new Performance Enhancement system. Ordered it and a couple more base pads. They are great for the mag changes in the tactical shooting event. Can’t wait for the shoot in August to try the new accessories! Keep up the great work on these terrific products!

​Matte Black - Long

$18.95 each ON SALE $14.50
$18.95 each ON SALE $14.50
Matte Black - Short
out of stock