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Made in the U.S.A.
NEW - Stainless Steel w/ Black Nitrate Finish
 Performance Enhancement System
Elevate the performance of your GSG or SIG 1911-22

Another innovative solution from CWAccessories LLC

This system incorporates a custom stainless steel barrel bushing and a custom stainless steel  spring plug designed specifically to fit the GSG/SIG barrel and slide. Couple this with our already proven guide rod  (sold seperately) and you have an Enhancement Package that is unmatched.        We now include one of our POWER RECOIL SPRINGS with every PES

Designed to work without using the barrel screw.
This eliminates the problem of changing the point of impact every time you re-torque the barrell screw.

  • Take down of gun for cleaning is easier and faster.
  • Can improve accuracy up to 20%. Even more on worn slides!!!!
We recommend using high velocity ammo. May not work properly with standard velocity ammo
Installing the PES will change the "point of Impact" on you gun!!  Moving the barrel back to the center of the slide will make the gun shoot higher. In       most cases the tallest front sight will compensate for this but it will depend on the gun and ammo used. If the tallest front sight does not correct POI we suggest installing our  front and rear sight set designed just for the PES.

Stainless Steel

NEW Frame Hole Plug Kit
This kit includes two stainless steel screws (One extra) with black oxide finish to plug the hole left in the frame when you remove the factory barrel screw. Kit also includes the proper size tap to tap the frame hole. This gives the gun a finished look and does not effect anything if you want to return the gun to stock condition.
$5.25 each
NEW Stainless Steel Barrel Cap
Replace your factory barrel cap with this great looking stainless steel cap. Made of 17-4 stainless steel with a 11 degree crown.
Machined to fit the bushing in our PES but will also work with the factory bushing

Includes new
Power Recoil Spring.
Includes new
Power Recoil Spring.

Recently I ordered your Performance Enhancement Kit and your Guide Rod and spring kit for my Sig Sauer 1911-22 pistol. I installed both kits in less than 5 minutes and took the pistol to my local gun range. The performance, reliability and accuracy after installing the CW Accessories kits is absolutely astounding! It is like shooting a completely different weapon! It seems as though I will no longer be able to refer to my Sig 1911-22 as that “loathsome piece of junk.


Guide Rod

  • Fits both GSG/SIG 1911-22
  • Made of 17-4 SS and 6061 Aluminum
  • Diameter & length have been increased to improve strength and dependability 
  • Improves the function of the slide by allowing the spring to compress more evenly.
Standard Recoil Spring

  • Fits both the GSG or the SIG 1911-22
  • This spring matched with our guide rod greatly enhances the function of the slide
Guide Rod & Standard Recoil Spring  
*Combo Pack*
Buy both and save money!
      $20.00 per set

$4.85 each
$16.95 each
SHOOTER SPECIAL  #1 (Black Finish)
SHOOTER SPECIAL  #2 (Stainless Finish)

                     POWER RECOIL SPRING
  • This new Power Recoil Spring is 15% stronger than the factory spring, giving you added lockup pressure on your slide. 
  • Eliminates most miss fires caused by the slide not going all the way to battery.
  • This spring is now included as part of our Performance Enhancement Systems.

May not work with some lower velocity ammo

Performance Enhancement System  

Guide Rod

Stainless Steel Barrel Cap
will not work on California / NY barrels

 Frame Hole Plug Kit
Performance Enhancement System  

Guide Rod

Stainless Steel Barrel Cap
will not work on California / NY  barrels

 Frame Hole Plug Kit
$4.85 each
Although out of the box the GSG 1911 is a great pistol and really fun to shoot, the CW upgrades that I’ve made, without question, took it to the next level. At the range, it always draws attention and the performance is nothing short of spectacular. Since upgrading the entire front end (Performance Enhancement System, Guide Rod, Recoil Spring and Compensator and of course adding the magazine pads to all my magazines), it is my favorite gun to shoot. These are high-quality products that deliver great results. If you own one of these fine pistols, it deserves the enhancements that Chet designs and builds.
Tony O

Fits all GSG and SIG 1911-22
GSG/SIG 1911-22 Vise Block

Make life easier with one of our handy vise block tools. This very simple tool allows almost unlimited positioning of your gun while you perform work such as cleaning, mounting or adjusting sights, maintenance, etc. Just slip your gun over the block and it locks securely in place with the mag catch. You can place the tool in a vise or you can mount it directly to your work bench with a 3/8 bolt. Made from 6061 aluminum bar stock. Will not bend or give like the plastic ones. This tool will work with any 1911 single stack frame. 

CWA "FirstStrike" Firing Pin  

The "FirstStrike" Firing Pin is designed to minimize light hits on the GSG and SIG 1911-22. It's precision Wire EDM machined from S7 tool steel. The impact section of the firing pin is then surface ground to create the optimal “FirstStrike”. The firing pins are heat treated to a Rc of 55 to prevent any excessive wear and deformation that can be found on the factory stamped firing pin. 

The First Strike firing pin is longer than the factory firing pin.This firing pin is only to be used with the series 80 firing pin block safety!!

Disabling or removing the firing pin block while using this firing pin can cause a premature discharge.

Do not dry fire.


Includes: CWA FirstStrike firing pin, reduced power firing pin spring, and three hammer springs: 18lb, 19lb & 20lb.
17 lb is stock
These are not  standard 1911 aftermarket hammer springs which are longer than the gsg springs. These are designed specifically for the GSG/SIG 1911-22

My only regret in regards to installing your Performance Enhancement System, improved Guide Rod and recoil spring, and frame hole plug kit is that I didn't add them to my GSG 1911-22 sooner. What a huge difference in accuracy and performance these parts add. The GSG 1911-22 is my most fun pistol to shoot now; I am into several thousand rounds and still going strong! Thanks for the great upgrades; you make this pistol from a really good range gun to an outstanding one. My groups have shrunk considerably and I am a very happy camper. Awesome stuff! 
Joel Drury
On Sale    $35.50
CWA BoreSnake ®

This is a cleaning tool everyone should have in their range bag. Especially if you are shooting a rimfire rifle or pistol. One swipe every 200 rounds keeps your chamber and bore clean cutting back on that scrubbing time when you get home. Helps prevent that “Black Ring” ahead of the rifling that can cause a rimfire to malfunction.

$4.75 each
NEW CWAccessories Shock Buff