The CW Accessories Story

Shoot Straight - Shoot Fast - Shoot a lot

Hi, I’m Chet whistle, owner of CW Accessories LLC. I have been shooting since I was 12 years old. I can still remember my dad giving me my first gun that Christmas - a single shot 410. Boy was I thrilled. My feet didn’t touch the ground for weeks. Although my dad had little time to hunt, he still taught me the ethical values of a hunter, the importance of safety, and how to care for your guns. Since that time I have owned many different types of guns and have spent hundreds of hours in the field hunting and "plinking."


Although I shot a lot of long guns over the years, for some reason I always felt drawn to shooting handguns. It wasn't long before I decided to try and shoot in a local match. It looked like so much fun. I think the first shooting match I attended was a PPC “Practical Pistol Competition” match. After winning that first trophy I was hooked. I went on to shoot my revolver in match after match, learning everything I could about how to shoot and maintain revolvers. Somewhere along the way I was introduced to the 2011. Things were never the same from that point on.

I found I could be more accurate and could shoot faster with the 2011 style guns. Although I'd never been to a formal gunsmith school, through trial and error I slowly began to master the mechanics of these guns. I have always shot in “open class,” which means you can modify almost anything you want to your gun - such as adding compensators, optics, trigger jobs, etc. In this class your guns are usually operated at the very edge of what they can do. On average I would shoot 20,000 rounds of ammo a year through any one gun. Needless to say you can encounter many different scenarios shooting that amount of rounds. Now my love for the 2011 gun has led me to building custom guns that I believe are the best rimfire pistols on the market.

Check them out on our gallery page and give me a call to get your ordered.

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Chet Whistle, Owner

CW Accessories, LLC.