Accelerator Performance Packages

CW Accessories has dedicated our business to improving the performance of the GSG/SIG 1911-22. We have worked hard to create innovative products that serve our customers. The Accelerator Performance Packages do just that. The APP consist of several important pieces that make up a complete system that allows your 1911-22 to operate at it's best.



Option A  -  Includes                                Option B - Includes

One Piece Guide Rod                               One Piece Guide Rod

Short Bushing   Black                                Short Bushing  Stainless

Titanium Spring Plug                                 Titanium Spring Plug

Variable Recoil Spring                                Variable Recoil Spring

10lb  Recoil Spring                                      10lb Power recoil Spring

Shock Buff                                                      Shock Buff

Frame Hole Plug Kit                                   Frame Hole Plug Kit


Note:  Installing the PES will change the "point of Impact" on you gun! Moving the barrel back to the center of the slide will make the gun shoot higher. In most cases the tallest front sight will compensate for this but it will depend on the gun and ammo used. If the tallest front sight does not correct POI we suggest installing our front and rear sight set designed just for the PES.

Accelerator Performance Packages

SKU: 0018APP

    SUPER STROKE ONE PIECE FULL LENGTH GUIDE ROD                      (A CWA exclusive)

    The Super Stroke Guide Rod is made of 4140 steel and has a black nitride finish. It is larger in diameter (5.5 mm) then any other guide rod on the market. This lets the spring compress more evenly during the stroke alleviating any spring torque.

    It is also designed to give the slide a longer stroke allowing for more reliable feeding.



    Or newly designed variable recoil spring creates less spring pressure in the beginning of the slide stroke (while slide is cocking hammer) and then increases pressure as it compresses to its maximum to push slide back into battery. this is very important when trying to use lower velocity ammo or a heavier hammer spring. This technology has been used in centerfire guns for a lot of years. we have just brought it into the rim fire arena.



    This spring is 25% stronger than the factory spring. It works well if you are going to use HV ammo.




    Our redesigned shorter bushing lightens your slide for maximum velocity and performance while still maintaining that solid lock up.

    Since the slide locks up on the last 1/4 inch of the barrel it is not necessary to have a full length Gov type bushing in the GSG or SIG 1911-22. It just adds weight and slows down the slide. What you don't want in a rimfire slide!!


    TITANIUM SPRING PLUG ( A CWA Exclusive) This spring plug is as tough as tough gets and It weighs only 7 grams compared to the stainless plugs that weighs 20 grams. A 65% decrease in weight. Great news when your trying to shoot standard velocity ammo.


    FRAME HOLE PLUG KIT (A CWA exclusive)

    This is a tap and screw that will plug the hole in the frame when you remove the factory barrel screw. It is strictly cosmetic. It has no effect on the function of the gun.