First thing you will notice is that you can now get the compensator to match the profile of the EXo 3 slides. That is a big plus in enhancing the look of the slide you choose.


SKU: 0013
  • Second we changed the porting design. Doesn’t sound like much but it makes them more efficient by allowing the gas to flow better.


    Third we completely changed the way the compensator is held in place. Each Compensator comes with a stainless steel adapter that screws on the 9x75 barrel thread but there are no external threads. Instead the comp slides onto the adapter and is secured by two 5-40 allen head screws that clamp the comp together making for an extremely tight fit. This eliminates any problems of clocking the ports to TDC. Very Simple Installation!!!

    These compensators with our 5.7" Barrels are CA compliant !!!


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