Recoil Springs

Fits all GSG and SIG 1911-22

Recoil Springs

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  • Standard Recoil Spring

    • Replaces Factory recoil spring
    •  Fits both the GSG or the SIG 1911-22

    Power Recoil Spring

    • This new Power Recoil Spring is 15% stronger than the factory spring, giving you added lockup pressure on your slide. 
    • Eliminates most miss fires caused by the slide not going all the way to battery.
    • This spring is now included as part of our Performance Enhancement System


    • This is the strongest spring we offer
    • 10% stronger then the regular Power Recoil Spring

    Variable Recoil Spring (A CWA exclusive)

    • Our newly designed variable recoil spring creates less spring pressure in the beginning of the slide stroke (while slide is cocking hammer) and then increases pressure as it compresses to its maximum to push slide back into battery.
    • This is very important when trying to use lower velocity ammo or a heavier hammer spring. This technology has been used in centerfire guns for a lot of years. we have just brought it into the rim fire arena.


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