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"I just received the Performance Enhancement System and it fits like it was custom fitted for my GSG 1911...The quality of your products are outstanding... I already have your guide rod/spring combo and 2 magizine base pads... I will recommend your product to every GSG 1911 owner I meet at the range and I'll post pictures of my gun in the 1911 forum... I am one very happy customer... Thank you."


Pacifica Ca.

"Rec'd my new CW guide rod combo. Outstanding workmanship. I installed it and went to the range. The GSG shoots more accurate with the positive fit full length rod. Your shipping is great ordering easy. I am posting positive info about CW on some shooting forums. Happy customer."


Evanston, WY

"Great Products. I have the guide rod,compensator and magizine base pad. These are top quality pieces that make my gun look like no other. The guide rod smokes what GSG puts in this pistol from the factory. The GSG guide rod broke after 300 rounds. I got a new guide rod from ATI after six weeks. I got yours in 2 days. I go to Fin Feather Fur on a regular basis and every time I see someone looking at the GSG I talk about your products and the quality workmanship and show off my pictures of course. Awesome stuff man, keep up the good work."


Heights, Ohio

"Outstanding products….all have excellent workmanship….very fast shipping….takes a good gun and makes it a great gun…. Thanks for a great product that is made in America…"

Don B.

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I received the compensator, guide rod and spring. Fantastic products! Got my pistol shooting just how I wanted it to. I really appreciate the time you spent emailing with me and answering questions that weren’t even about your products. That right there is top notch customer service. You’ve got a customer for life right here. Thanks again."

Justin D.

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"Hi Chet. Received the new spring plug. It works great, problem solved. I am glad I read the instructions, because I first was shooting with the barrel screw in. I tested the PES yesterday. From 20 yards groupings with the PES improved close to 50%. from 3 inch to 11/2 inch groupings. The pistol is a tack driver with all the improvements from you, recoil spring, guide rod etc. I could really compete with this gun. Keep up the good work."

Deputy Pitts


"Hi, I can't thank you enough for your great products and customer service! I ordered the guide rod, spring and loading tool, it arrived at my house in 48 hours. I called Sig for the parts the day before and still don't have them. I am sure they won't be as high quality as yours when they arrive either! I will just keep them on hand if my friends gun breaks at the range as a band-aid. What a pleasure to deal with folks like yourselves! I will be telling every Sig and GSG 1911-22 owner I meet at the range about your superior products Thanks."


Warrenton, VA

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you guys for making a quality product at affordable prices. A buddy of mine bought most of your accessories/upgrades and received them yesterday. I was so impressed I placed an order that night. My 1911-22 is on order and should be in my hands Friday. I can’t wait….I am just stoked about receiving the products. Thanks again!"

Scott O.

"Just wanted to let you know what a great system you have for the GSG 1911-22. The PES System took this customers pistol from a paper plate size group at 25ft, to 1-1.5” groups! I recently ordered the complete kit, with guide rod and spring. Fit perfect, works excellent, and I have a happy customer. Thanks again." 

J. Stewart, Triple R Gunsmith Service.

"I just got back from the range and had to reach out to you. My GSG, with your upgrades, was flawlessly pulling groups at 12 yards that rival that of my High Standard Supermatic Citation! 300 rounds without a hitch…I could not be happier with the improvements and look forward to receiving your compensator (it looks too cool not to have). Keep up the good work and thanks for producing such great products!"

Tony O.

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